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The Camellia Library is an open source Image Processing & Computer Vision library. Written in plain C, it is cross-platform (Unix / Linux, Windows) and robust. It already includes a lot of functions for image processing (filtering, morphological mathematics, labelling, warping, drawing, project/backproject, color conversion, loading/saving images, etc.), most of them being highly speed-optimized. It is also doxygen-documented and examples of use are provided.

As it uses the CamImage/IplImage structure to describe images, it is a good replacement to the popular but discontinued Intel IPL library and a good complement to the OpenCV library.

This open source software library is an outcome of the Camellia european project (IST-2001-34410). It was developped by the Ecole des Mines de Paris (ENSMP), in coordination with the other partners of the projects (Philips Electronics Nerderland, University of Hannover, University of Las Palmas, Philips Semiconductors Hamburg and Renault). This library was put to Open Source to favor the dissemination of the results obtained in the Camellia project. We hope that new contributions will help to maintain this library at the state of the art.

Main features :

  • Fully interoperable with OpenCV, though easier to use.
  • Object-oriented interface when using C++.
  • Full interface to Ruby, a nice scripting language, including garbage collection and exception support. Compatible with FXRuby, a nice GUI toolkit based on FOX.
  • Support for 1-bit and 8-bits to 16-bits depth images.
  • Support for in-place processing, Region of Interest (ROI) and bit masking in most functions.
  • Exclusive RLE (Run-Length Encoded) image processing algorithms, for faster than light image processing.
  • Exclusive algorithms, including Hierarchical Watershed and 3DRS Motion Estimation.
  • Exclusive optimisations, especially for morphological operations.
  • Can be easily compiled on any 32-bits or 64-bits platform with any ANSI C compiler.

Want to see some code examples ?

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