Camellia Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
CamAffineTransformAffine Transform parameters
CamArithmParamsThis is the parameter structure for the arithmetic computation kernel
CamBasinThe structure defining a basin
CamBitmapFontThe bitmap font structure
CamBlobInfoThe Blob (block of bits) Information Structure. This is the most important result of Labeling + Blob analysis
CamBlobsThe result of any blob analysis. Essentially an array of CamBlobInfo
CamImageThe famous IplImage/CamImage structure, today's standard structure for image processing
CamKeypointThe Keypoint structure
CamKeypointsThe CamKeypoints structure
CamKeypointsKdTreeThe CamKeypointsKdTree class
CamKeypointsMatchesA match between 2 CamKeypoints
CamLabelingResultsData structure containing the result of pixel-based labeling
CamLinearFilterKernelThe parameters structure for linear filtering
CamMeasuresResultsThe structure containing the result of measuring
CamMorphoMathsKernelThis is the parameter structure for the morpho maths kernel
CamPointThe structure used to identify a point in 2D
CamRLEImageThe CamRLEImage structure : the RLE (Run Length Encoded) image structure
CamROIThe IPL Region Of Interest structure
CamRunThe CamRun structure, basic element of a Run-Length Encoding (RLE) of an image
CamSepFilterKernelThe parameters structure for linear filtering
CamTablePixel table (LUT (Look-Up Table) and histogram) structure
CamTableOfBasinsThe table of basins structure. Simply a dynamic size array of CamBasin
CamVolbergFwdParamsThe structure to provide to the Volberg's algorithm : two functions
CamWarpingParamsThe parameters structure used by camWarping()

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