CamKeypoints Struct Reference

The CamKeypoints structure. More...

#include <camellia.h>

Public Member Functions

 CamKeypoints ()
 Default constructor.
 CamKeypoints (int nbPoints)
 Constructor with max number of points.
 ~CamKeypoints ()
 Default destructor.
bool draw (CamImage &image, int color=255) const
 C++ wrapping for camDrawKeypoints function.
int matching (const CamKeypoints **models, int nbModels, CamKeypointsMatches &matches) const
 C++ wrapping for camKeypointsMatching() function.
int matching2 (const CamKeypoints &points, CamKeypointsMatches &matches) const
 C++ wrapping for camKeypointsMatching2() function.
int matchingKdTree (const CamKeypointsKdTree &kdTree, CamKeypointsMatches &matches, int explore=100) const
 C++ wrapping for camKeypointsMatchingKdTree() function.
bool alloc (int nbPoints)
 Allocator (C++ wrapping of camKeypointsAllocate() function).
bool realloc (int nbPoints)
 Reallocator (C++ wrapping of camKeypointsReallocate() function).

Data Fields

int height
 Original size of object (or picture of object).
int cy
 Reference coordinate of object (center).
int id
 Id of reference object.
int nbPoints
 Number of valid points.
CamKeypoint ** keypoint
 Array of keypoints.
 Bag of keypoints.

Detailed Description

The CamKeypoints structure.
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